Romantika Set By House Of Ruby


This is the Romantika set entry for Fusion101, from House of Ruby, I think this set is so pretty and is well done, it is an applier and is available in Omega, Slink & Maitreya. So if you have another popular body you can grab the Omega Relay and you’ll be able to wear this too! It is so sexy and so well done, House of Ruby did an amazing job, let me show you another picture and the HUD!

[HoR] (2).png

See real pretty right? You are crazy if you do not get this outfit into your closet today!! Lets take a sneaky peaky at the HUD shall we?

Petite Mort- Filthy Drkwash BF jeans (bagged)_005.png

The HUD is so simple and so self explanatory, just one tap of the button and bam you’re FABULOUS!!!

If you are interested in anything else I am wearing above or the items themselves please find all the relevant items below!!

Happy Shopping!

Other Credits

Head: Catwa – Cami

Hair: Truth – Arwen

Body: Maitreya-Lara

Hands: Slink – Relaxed

Choker: Reign (FLF)

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